Friday, 19 January 2007

More photos from Argentina!

Finally a computer to upload some more photos...

Adobe houses and multi-coloured rocks in Purmamarca.

The road up to my first pass at 4,170 metres... it went on a bit!
The top! (For now...)
The amazing scenery greeting us as we descended the other side... into the sun!
And the sky that night! The massive electrical storms of earlier having finally finished.
The (exciting) road across the salt flats... usually accompanied by a nice headwind.
One of my favourite signs.
Headwind or not, the views were incredible!
My pictures just don´t do them justice unfortunately.
Camping in a smelly, dirty, wet, oily and noisy generator shed at the Pasa de Jama, 4,200 metres.
Dinner was revolting - cheap, stale pasta with tomato puree (not sauce, as that might have had some flavour...). Perfect food after a long day on the road...
The views the next day made dinner and our (lack of) sleep a distant memory. Stunning.
Our next campsite was a bit more like it... We thought we were in the middle of nowhere until, on arrival in San Pedro de Atacama the next day, we saw postcards everywhere of exactly these rock formations... metres from where we pitched our tents!
Awe-inspiringly beautiful!

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